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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winterpalooza 2010...

Today we went to Winterpalooza.
Dimitri and McGruff.
Zachary gave McGruff a high five to thank him for the spy kit.
Zachary loves ponies!
The boys met a clown who gave them balloons.
Zachary loved his silly balloon hat.
Dimitri got a sword and a sword holder.
Dimitri and Zachary even met the Ghostbusters.
This was a "team" activity. Now that's team work.
Dimitri was not ready to stop playing with the balloons.
At the time we took this picture Zachary was the smallest boy on the large slide. It was funny to see him climb the steep stairs and see about 20 bigger kids behind him praying he would hurry. We are so proud of him for not giving up and for always believing in himself.
Dimitri and Zachary got so sit in a helicopter...very exciting!

We decided to check out The Living Plant Aquarium booth. Dimitri participated in the shark toss and scored 4 out 5 and scored higher then some of the kids older then him. We were all in shock to see he has a great arm and the hostess said Dimitri should become a pitcher (we assume she meant for the Yankees). Before we left it was time to check out the reptiles. Zachary loved this snake and he would have taken it home if we would have let him. He played with this snake and seemed fascinated by the snakes every move.

Zachary even wanted to play with the snake all by himself. Does this mean we should get him a pet snake for his third birthday or should Zachary write a letter to Santa for a new pet? I assure you his mommy will have a lot to say about this conversation. Another Family Fun Day!

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