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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Party...

Dimitri's Valentine's Day party has finally arrived.

To say that Dimitri was excited to go to school today would be an understatement.

Zachary and Dimitri at school.

Zachary gave Mrs. Romig a special Valentine.

Dimitri couldn't wait to give Mrs. Dean her Valentine.

After school it was time to read the Valentine's from Dimitri's friends.

This is one of the moments that makes you happy to be a parent. To see the excitement on his face when we told him he gets to give a treat to his friends and that his friends were going to do the same. This holiday is filled with mixed emotions for our family but seeing the joy in their faces melts our hearts.

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Charolette said...

OMG thats way to cute your boys are very good looking. Hope you and Cicily have a Happy Valentie's Day!