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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Treats...

The boys and I have been preparing for Valentine's day.
Zachary helped me wrap our gift.
Note: Zachary chose the wrapping paper.
Our handsome boy!
Our silly boy!
If you ask Zachary what the monkey does he will beat on his chest and yell "OOO OOO".
The boys making chocolate covered strawberries.
Making sure each strawberry has enough chocolate.
Zachary was fascinated.
Zachary sampled some of the strawberries and put them down thinking that no one would notice, but the chocolate around his mouth was a dead give away.
Dimitri was cautious while dipping the strawberries, remember he does not like to get dirty.
To make this activity more fun for the boys, I had plates of sprinkles for them to dip the strawberries in.

The boys worked so hard and did an amazing job.
Mommy/Matri is going to LOVE them.

Full disclosure notice: While I was melting the chocolate, I burnt it. My beloved came to my rescue and melted some chocolate chips to save the day. One more reason why we love her.

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