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Friday, October 2, 2009

Wee Witches Weekend...

We went to Gardner Village to celebrate Wee Witches Weekend.

This is a family tradition.

We met plenty of witches.

Dimitri the pirate looking for treasure. Ahoy!

Our handsome Zachary did not want to dress in his costume.

We even saw the witches play baseball. Dimitri explained
to the witches that he plays baseball too!

Zachary and Mada enjoying the afternoon!

After playing with the witches we went to the petting zoo.

Dimitri and Zachary loved the pigs including the piglets.

Zachary loves horseback riding! We put him on the pony and it
was so cute because he hops on and says, "Here we go". It was fun to watch his excitement as he rode CJ.

Dimitri and Matri did the hay maze, however, Dimitri is very smart and finished the maze in less then a minute, so Cicily took him back in the maze and made him get lost so the experience would last longer. Dimitri has an amazing sense of direction (I assure you, he gets that from his Matri).

Dimitri's victory smile after conquering the hay maze!
We had an amazing time! We love Family Fun Day!

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{Rollins Family} said...

i really wish we would have run into you guys.
i love that little pirate, so cute!