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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner with Grandma Mel...

On Friday, we had dinner at Grandma Mel's house.

Grandma Mel got Zachary a cake and a present since
his birthday is in a few weeks.

Zachary opening up his birthday card and guess what Grandma Mel got Zachary for his birthday? A stuffed pony and a year membership for the whole family to go Hogle Zoo. Thank you Grandma Mel!

Grandma even made spaghetti for dinner. As you can see,
Dimitri is enjoying every bite!

Zachary and Grandma Mel pet the horse.

Dimitri's turn is next.

After we played with the horses, it was time to sing
Happy Birthday to Zachary!

Don't forget the cake!

Thank you Grandma Mel for a wonderful evening and
for the amazing present!

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