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Monday, October 12, 2009


Yesterday, we took the boys to Lagoon for Frightmares.
Zachary shows no fear!

Dimitri loved all the Halloween decorations.

This was Zachary's first time at Lagoon and he had a blast!

Dimitri, Zachary and Tiffany.
We even met some spooky witches!
Zachary flying an airplane!
Zachary even got to be a captain of a boat!
Zachary, Mommy and Jordynn in the spook alley.

Mommy, Zachary and Jordynn ride the Scramble.

Uncle Jared and Zachary get ready for take off.
Zachary throws the ball in a blue circle and wins a fish!
Expert or beginners luck?
This picture makes us smile, it looks like they just completed a skit!
After a FUN day at Lagoon, we went to the Sharp's house for dinner. After dinner we made smores and roasted marshmallows.

Another fantastic family fun day!

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Looks like so much fun!!! We are going to have to make it out for Frightmares for sure! Your boys are so cute!