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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our spontaneous play date...

Yesterday, we went to Jungle Jim's with Dana, Colter and Hadleigh.
Here come the boys!

Colter and his mommy.

Colter, Zachary and Dana. Dimitri is in the cart behind them.

Look at our Zachary with his arms up in the air.

After Dana made Zachary feel safe riding with her and Colter, we decided it was time for Dimitri and Zachary to ride together for
the first time.

Here we go...

Colter and Zachary get ready for take off.

Colter is teaching his mommy to fly a jet.

Three cute little boys~

Hadleigh and Cicily. Hadleigh is so cute and we know that she is getting bigger but she is still tiny and she just makes you want to cuddle with her all day. Hadleigh has legs for days...her little legs are so long, it is so cute. We are pretty sure that this is were 90% of her height comes from. Beautiful, long legs and blue eyes... Dana and Eric need to keep a close eye her when she gets older, she's
a knock out.

Our sweet boy!

Colter introduced us to a new ticket producing machine.

All the boys seemed to have a great time.

Colter was adorable!

Thank you Rollins family for a great play date and for sharing your tickets with us. We need to get together more often to play.

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