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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Austin turns 15!

Yesterday, we went to Austin's 15th birthday party.

Austin's favorite football team is the Titans...we love Austin

Dimitri would steal frosting from the cake using a candle.

Then Dimitri would hurry and put it in his mouth.

Zachary playing on the slide.

Dimitri has decided that he was too cool to "slide" down the slide. Instead, Dimitri was jumping from the top of the slide to the bottom.

Dimitri also thought it would be exciting to do flips down the slide. Yes, that's right, flips. Our little Dimitri is a true dare devil.

Zachary and cousin Austin.

Dimitri and cousin Austin.


This is a picture of Austin and his friends. They took a group photo and were very sweet to include Dimitri and Zachary in their posse.
Happy Birthday Austin!

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