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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making money...

The other day, I was out mowing the lawn. The next thing I knew Dimitri went inside, got their lawn mower, carried it down the stairs and came outside to help me mow the lawn. With each pass he would continue to push the lawn mower, copying every move I was making and would occasionally give me a thumbs up with a smile.

Our sweet little boy helping his mommy!

Today, I decided to reward Dimitri for all his
hard work by giving him a few dollars.

Zachary is adorable as always!

Look, how big our baby is hard to believe that
he will be turning 3 years old in June.
Where has the time gone?

Dimitri has a heart of gold! Helping me mow shows his character. Dimitri is always thinking of others and is willing to lend a helping hand. Dimitri is an old soul with a gentle spirit.
We can't imagine our lives without him!

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Janine said...

Your boys are as cute as ever! Also, I'm totally jealous of your green grass!! Someday we'll have spring around here! =)