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Monday, April 13, 2009

American Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny came...The Easter Bunny came...

The Easter Bunny came to our house and once again we had to pull off a full scale operation with the Easter Bunny to keep Dimitri in his room so we could film him finding his basket (this time a child proof door handle worked perfect on the inside of his door).
The Easter Bunny left a trail of eggs leading to the baskets.
Zachary checking out his Easter basket.
Zachary is intrigued by what Cookie Monster
has to say in his new book.

Oh no, Dimitri and side walk paint!
Dimitri explaining the different colors to us.

The Easter Bunny left the boys thank you cards for being
Eggs-traodinary boys!
After breakfast we head up to the Sharp house to celebrate Easter.

Zachary's Easter basket from the Sharp household.

Dimitri's Easter basket from the Sharp household.

Another Easter egg hunt.

Zachary found more eggs.

After the Easter egg hunt Dimitri wanted to make
sure the eggs were empty.

Dimitri played in his first game of kick ball and did a fantastic job!
Dimitri had a great time.
We think Zachary was telling us he had a wonderful day.

We had a wonderful Easter and hope that everyone did the same.

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Kynbugs Delight said...

Do I see kites in there?! Kyn got a kite too. So cute. Your boys are too adorable for their own good. So much fun. Being a parent is hard work, but so worth the effort, isnt it? We did go to Thanksgiving point, it was lots of fun. glad to see you arent under contruction anymore. :)