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Friday, April 10, 2009

Little tadpoles...

Both Dimitri and Zachary love the bath tub, shower and of course the swimming pool. We have come to realize that they may be part tadpole. Simply stated our boys love the water. Since Zachary starts swimming lessons in one week, we decided that for "family fun day" we would go swimming.
The boys getting ready to go down the duck slide.
Zachary loved the slide.
Our little stunt man.

Dimitri enjoying the slide.
Are they planning their next move?
We had never been to this pool before but they had an indoor water slide. Again, Dimitri aka Maverick (dangerous) wanted to go down the slide but was not tall enough. It is frustrating because as his parents we would let him go down the slide! We can't wait for summer for more swimming pools to open and our hope is that the busier the pools become the less observant they may become.
Keep your fingers crossed!

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