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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gardner Village- Petting Zoo & Wee Witches

Last Thursday we decided to go to the 2008 debut of Wee Witches Weekend at Gardner Village! We started out the evening at the petting zoo. Zachary was able to pet a goat for the first time. Mommy made him feel safe every step of the way! Zachary seemed to be in awe of all the animals around him while Dimitri was an old pro of the petting zoo!

(Zachary's favorite goat)

Dimitri liked the goose and would try to talk to it!

Now, as parents you worry about those around you setting bad examples for your children. Sure enough the petting zoo was NO EXCEPTION! Here we are telling our two precious boys not to fight with each other and BOOM along comes two goat siblings that start fighting in front of us. Thank goodness an elder goat broke up the fighting!

Off to the festivities...
Not knowing which direction to go Mommy & Zachary led the way!

While there we visited a "witch" and "bribed" her with chocolate to make sure that Zachary has a fantastic birthday next week!

and of course Zachary loved all the pumpkins!

Dimitri would yell out "pumpkin where are you" when he would see one (one of MANY) and then say "there it is". Let's just say that if you have been to Gardner Village you would realize just how many pumpkins there were!

We had a great time and it was the PERFECT activity to get us in the holiday spirit!

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