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Monday, October 6, 2008

Day six & seven

Day six...By the time day six rolled around we were exhausted and decided to take a day to relax! It felt like we were on the go nonstop.
Day seven... This was our last full day to get out and play before returning home. We decided to go to the Kids Fair in Costa Mesa. Of course, Dimitri loved anything he could bounce or ride on. Lets not forget the Wiener mobile was there!

Zachary loved the animals! We knew that with his cooing that he was looking for us to adopt the iguana he was playing with.

Both boys loved meeting Curious George (we were all a little star struck).

Later that day Uncle Tony let Dimitri sit on his bike!
We think that Dimitri was trying to hint to us what he may be asking Santa for this year.
At the end of the day Aunt Sarah cooked a wonderful meal for dinner. Sarah's parents came over for dinner too (they are the nicest people)! It was bitter sweet to think our vacation was finally coming to an end.

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