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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall family pictures

It is a beautiful time of year and we decided to get our fall family pictures done especially for Zachary's 1st birthday!

Our littlest boy is growing up!

It has almost been a year now and the boys are finally starting to sit a little bit closer together now that they are both getting older. We still have to coax them into the idea but it is nice to be able to get one or two pictures of them together.

It is a bittersweet feeling to know that our little boys are growing into young men!

Now, we are not sure how many parents have this issue but we do! Our boys seem to never smile when we are paying to have our pictures done but we have countless photo albums filled with pictures of the our boys smiling but again, hardly ever when we are paying for them.

"Every happy home has a foundation of love and a framework of support."
-Wes Fessler

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Kerri said...

Those are great pictures. What a beautiful family you have