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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dimitri...

Why does Dimitri look so excited?
That's is because yesterday he officially turned 4 years old.

Dimitri loves pancakes for breakfast, so Matri took him to McDonald's.
While at McDonald's this woman thought Dimitri was adorable and asked if she could go down the slide with him. Dimitri makes friends wherever he goes and this was no exception...too cute!

From there they were off to Home Depot where Dimitri was adding items to his wish list.
Dimitri also had his four year old check up and couldn't understand why the slit went in the back. According to Dimitri we should wear the gown like a jacket.
Dr. Gustin let Dimitri listen to his heart. Dr. Gustin is an amazing doctor and we are lucky to have her. Dr. Gustin said that Dimitri is very smart and is in great health. Dimitri weighs 38.8 lbs and is 40.55 inches tall.

We thought Dimitri was done with his shots until he starts Kindergarten but he was two shots behind, so we decided we might as well give him four shots now so he doesn't need any when he starts school. Dimitri has been a little afraid of needles since the IV incident, but our brave little boy didn't even cry.

Our birthday boy.

For dinner we went to Joe's Crab Shack so the boys could play on the slides.

Zachary had a great time.

Our birthday rock star.

Our adorable four year old. Dimitri it is hard to believe that you are four years old. You are an amazing little boy who brings so much joy into our lives. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! We love you-to infinity and beyond!

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