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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dimitri's birthday party...

On Saturday we celebrated Dimitri's birthday.

Dimitri loves Toy Story.

Zachary and Bella.

Zachary is trying to lean in for a kiss.

Bella and Hadleigh meet for the first time and decided the best way to get to know one another is to bite each other's fingers.

Dimitri and Gunner.

Kira and Zachary.

Bella loved hitting the pinata.

Hadleigh was up next.

Colter had a great hit.

Zachary was determined.

Kira did a great job.

Gunner took a huge swing.

The Birthday Boy is up next.

Elli hit the pinata hard.

Finally Austin was able to break the pinata open.

Look at those eyes.

Dimitri making a wish and blowing out his candles.

Dimitri and Papou Yanni. We owe Papou Yanni a special thank you. Papou Yanni made all the arrangements for the birthday party to be moved since the weather outside was horrible. Thank you Papou Yanni.

Look at that face.

Dimitri was so excited to get his big Buzz Lightyear action figure.
Dimitri has always wanted his own bubble gum machine.
Dimitri was so excited.

Dimitri and Mommy.

We would like to thank everyone for coming to Dimitri's birthday and for the wonderful gifts. Happy 4Th Birthday Dimitri! We love you!


{Rollins Family} said...

happy birthday dimitri!! :)

and i'm stealing those pictures of my kids...they look so big hitting that pinata.
Before i know it they'll be turning 4 and i'll be just as SHOCKED as you!!

mark lawrence said...

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