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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day in the life of a tourist...

We started off our day at M&M world.

The family making new friends.

Dimitri was fascinated by the race car and could not understand
why he could not sit in the car.

Then we decided to go to Game Works.
Zachary loved playing skee ball.

Zachary and Mommy.

Dimitri scores big.
Dimitri taking a big gamble.

Mada and Zachary play basketball.
Dimitri holding all the tickets that were won.
It was time to redeem the tickets. We think that Dimitri thought
that this was just another game to play, because he had a blast.

Dimitri and Mommy outside New York, New York.
Then we went to the Lion Habitat.

Zachary explaining to monkey that the lions are sleeping.

Matri teaching Dimitri about the lions.

From there we went back to Circus Circus to the Midway. We
watched circus acts and of course played lots of games.
Dimitri and Matri racing till the finish.
Dimitri and Matri playing to see who wins the baby tiger.
Dimitri won and gave the tiger to Zachary.
Even Zachary got in on the action.
Zachary excited about all the stuffed toys they both won.
We then decided to go to Freemont street where the boys loved the cars parked outside the casinos. Boys love toys!

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