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Friday, June 26, 2009

Carnival Smiles...

Yesterday, we told the boys if they were good at the dentist we would have a surprise for them. Both boys were EXCEPTIONAL and as an added bonus neither one had cavities. Their surprise was a carnival at Taylorsville Dayzz.
The boys sharing the duties of train conductor.
Going down the slide. I actually lost control on the slide and tipped over, but I refuse to publish the photos because Zachary now has road rash on his head and I have it on my elbow. We have all heard of carnival rides gone wrong but who would have thought our accident would have been on a slide?
The boys playing carnival games, both won water guns!
Dimitri riding a motorcycle.
Snack time!
Dimitri enjoying his corn dog.
Mommy and Dimitri being silly.
Mommy and Zachary ride a roller coaster. In fact, if we are being honest, Dimitri would NOT go on a roller coaster. Mommy took Zachary on one and then Dimitri gave in and decided he wanted to ride them too.
Dimitri and Matri.
Look at my dare devil family!
It was a GREAT day!

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{Rollins Family} said...

i'm going!! looks like a blast, is it still going on?