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Friday, February 27, 2009

The winners by a knock out...

As I said yesterday, Zachary has croup and Dimitri is sick. I have now come down with whatever great "gift" they have decided to give me and I am so sick that I have had to call in reinforcements with the boys. That's right, I had to break down and have Cicily come home from work because I am struggling with all three of us being sick (Cicily also left work yesterday to go to Zachary's doctor's appointment). Do you know that in the two and a half years since we have had kids I think that she has only missed two doctor's appointments for the boys? I just want to say that I have the BEST partner who is simply AMAZING! I know that I can call her anytime and without blinking an eye she will be here for us if we need her. I just want to say I love you and you mean the world to us. Thank you for taking care of US-we need it!

All day I have felt horrible and I thought I could take pictures of the boys and how sick they look or I could remember how FUN they can be when they are feeling better. So I found this picture I took about a week ago and it made me laugh. Zachary raising his armpit and Dimitri covering his nose as if they understand what that means at this age. Dimitri and Zachary love playing with one another and this picture is PRICELESS!

Dimitri and Zachary WON this round!

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MHall said...

That picture is ADORABLE. Funny cute boys.