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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day filled with love and my heart still breaks...

Eight years ago today, on Valentine's Day, my beloved Papou passed away! My papou was the GREATEST MAN I ever knew. Though my children never had the privilege of meeting him here on Earth they will know who he was and what he did to change my life forever. Dimitri (whose middle name is Constantine, after my Papou) already knows who he is by his picture and calls him Papou.

I came accross this poem and it was a perfect fit.

"When I was just a child and
you would hold my hand,
I didn't have to worry,
I didn't understand.
As I grew and
learned to stand up on my own,
Sometimes I was scared and
I felt all alone.
But then there you were standing
by my side.
You held my hand again and
taught me not to hide.
I am older and wiser now,
Now I understand.
The strength that lies within me
came from grandpa's hand."

May His Memory Be Eternal!

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