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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saturday morning adventure...

Saturday morning we woke up to find that Zachary left his bed sometime during the night to go sleep with Yiayia.

Yiayia and Zachary are sound asleep (looks like Zachary lost the battle with the blankets). After everyone woke up it was time to go see Ms. Kellie for a hair cut.

Then the real adventure began, we went to Cowbunga Bay.

Dimitri checking his height.

Dimitri and Zachary were so excited for the slides.

Mommy and Dimitri are ready.

We were ready for an adventure.

Here comes Zachary!

Love his face as he prepares for impact.

Whoa...they were going so fast.

Dimitri's turn.

Dimitri and Zachary are funny when they go down a water slide. Each of them turn their head to avoid the water splashing on their face.

Going for a swim. The boys loved the lazy river not because it was exciting but because the water was warm.

Zachary is actually talking his mommy into buying him some candy because right after this picture we went to go get some snacks.

Do you see this big water slide? Dimitri was begging to go down it.

And with that being said, here he comes!

We all had a great time at Cowabunga Bay and to reward ourselves we went to the new TCBY store in Sugarhouse. Yummy!

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