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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Program...

Today, Dimitri performed in a Mother's Day Program for us.

Dimitri gets ready.

Dimitri singing his first song.

After the last song the kids spelled out "We love you" for all the mommies.

Dimitri pointing out that he is special helper of the day. Dimitri is also wearing a crown because today they celebrated his birthday since school is in recess in June.

Dimitri and Mrs. Dean.

Matri and Dimitri.

Mommy and Dimitri.

Mrs. Dean explains to us how she is teaching Dimitri how to read.

Dimitri gave us these cute plants for Mother's Day.

Dimitri filled out questionnaires regarding Cicily and I. Some of the answers he gave are hysterical.
For mommy: I am 18 years old, I am happy when Dimitri listens to me, I am pretty when I am happy and if I could go anywhere I would go to work.
For Matri: Matri is pretty when she is working. Matri likes to do homework. Matri's favorite food is salad and if Matri could do anything she would want to take Dimitri to school.
We love you and you will always be our little prince after all Vasilacopulos means "son of the king."

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