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Saturday, August 30, 2008

First time for everything...

This was a week we got to experience many things for the FIRST time....
Dimitri did great on his bike! He fell a few times but has began to ride around the driveway with little help.

But in the end, he still loves his bullet bike and the bike the Miller's gave him for his birthday the best (we think it is because he does not have to work as hard to go)!

Zachary ate homemade spaghetti (no Gerber food here) for the first time and loved it! Our little guy is growing up!

The most important thing is that our boys both witnessed history this week and seemed mesmerized by what was being said. I am not sure if our boys will be Republican, Democrat or Independent but we will teach them that they can be anything that they want to be! We will teach them to love ALL, judge NONE, show RESPECT, have FAITH, be HONEST, be FAIR, to be LOYAL and to never compromise their INTEGRITY! Always Remember Never Forget... WE LOVE YOU!!!

For the "first" time, we as their parents realized....
they are "OUR FUTURE"! Therefore, the WORLD is a better place with these two WONDERFUL boys; who will someday become GREAT men!

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